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Being the parent of now slightly older children (my youngest is now 5) I would have loved to have access to something like this a few years ago. I do have one question (and I apologize if this was outlined above and I overlooked it) - how will we know that "family, friends and neighbors" are suited to watch children? Clearly average daycare providers go through extensive training - and I am not suggesting that these people would do that. But surely there needs to be some type of screening or training process?

Awesome idea!

I love this idea - we can all use more nutrition education. I do have a few questions -
1) How would youth be encouraged to interact in this? And how would parents be motivated to do the food education? Would there be some type of extrinsic reward for doing this training (i.e. incentive, certificate, etc.)?

2) Are there other groups in your area doing nutrition education? Would there be the possibility of partnering with them to increase your impact?

3) How does this nutrition education differ from other types of nutrition education currently happening?

Keep up the good work!

I definitely think this idea is unique, but I am left with a few questions:
1) Why would young mothers choose to do this instead of getting together for a play group with other mothers (where they actually pay attention to the children)?
2) If they need something to do with their hands, they why wouldn't individuals choose to knit, quite or do other types of crafts? Is it reasonable to expect women would pack up their children, and the loom you describe to take it to a place and be social?
3) I also struggle to see the connection between being social and working with a loom. Running clubs (as you mention earlier) work because the people who do them are passionate about running and you don't need any equipment. I think there are things here that don't parallel with your project.

Overall, I think this idea is unique, but needs much more development and thought through the connections and the overall process. Keep innovating!