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Thank you for sharing an exciting project concept note! I am wondering if you have already researched the market demand for herbs in Nepal, and if could address how to avoid creating competing markets among your producers. This project seems to have the potential to address real needs!

This idea is important and seems like it could be very worthwhile in the context of Harare, which does not have existing centre such as these. However, I have concerns about 1) whether the implementors have experience in the sector or just in solar/wind energy technologies, and 2) the risks of this becoming a profit-driven centre that mainly benefits those running it, rather than the community itself. In both areas, more information needs to be provided.

This is a wonderful idea that addresses some important needs. However, despite the apparent value of this idea, this proposal is not properly fleshed out, and several important questions are left unanswered. These include:

- How many people/farmers does this benefit?

- How many people are in a farmer business group?

- How will you address potential problems with collective (rather than individual) storage?

- What sort of time and resources would farmer business groups invest/donate? What type of agreement would occur for this?

In addition, the knowledge centre is mentioned but not at all explicated, making it unconvincing as a viable component of the project. My main concern, however, lies with the lack of experience with collective ownership models, meaning that farmer business groups may enter into insecure and ultimately unsustainable partnerships. If the knowledge centre is planned further and if it could be assured that the needed financial guidance would be provided, this would be a great project that would support many livelihoods.