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Eunice commented on Her and His-story On Demand


I’ve finally had a chance to read your comments about this end-of-life challenge idea. I think these are fantastic concepts. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to contribute my thoughts because I’m actually in the process of a real life end-of-life challenge with my father. I’ve been trying to find an assisted living home for him. At 86 years of age he is no longer able to stay alone long term. My dad is very frustrated with his situation and also angry because he feels he’s run of time to tell his story. A few years ago to help him relax I gave him a few journals and told him to write down what he was feeling. From this lead, he started writing a book and has about 19 chapters typed (double spaced of course). My father is socially shy and I wonder how he would feel about such an endeavor as a recording of his story. I plan on getting his feedback about this very idea.

The good news is I was able to find a new home for him and he’ll be moving in the next few weeks. I hope I can follow-up with your progress on this idea once he is settled in.

Thank you for sharing!



Eunice commented on Rain Turbine

Hi James,

This is a great idea! I’ve thought about sustainable rain collection for years but have never seriously proposed an idea or shared my thoughts except for casual conversation. The excessive drought on the West Coast and flooding on the East Coast in the U.S. recently made me start thinking about mobile rain collection systems. I’ve jokingly said, “Why not transport all the rain water over here to over there,” like others have, but reading your idea propelled me to think about this more seriously. What if the rain turbine you’re proposing also had mobile functionality? I’m thinking of some type of collection tank that could be hitched to a vehicle to transfer water to a neighbor who can’t afford the product. On a larger scale, imagine a system with a type of train boxcar container to transport larger collections great distances. I’ve strayed from the electricity access component and keeping this a small structure, but I really like your idea. I also like Sasha’s idea regarding using the water for irrigation and waste disposal.

My thoughts are probably not a new idea. The challenge is making ideas happen. I started researching “mobile rain trucks” and found an interesting project that a USC architecture professor, Jennifer Siegal, had her students do as an assignment. The students had to design their own future-looking food trucks. One student designed a Mobile Water Truck with wings which funneled rain water into containers for future reuse. I wasn’t thinking of flying trucks quite yet, but I don’t think it's an impossibility.

I hope you find the support you need to take this idea further!