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Eli commented on Preflight: Real-world challenges in the classroom

Hi team! This is an exciting concept with very well thought-out experience maps! I thought I'd chime in with a couple thoughts.

As a few others have mentioned, it would be worthwhile to look more closely at the role of the teacher. While there are more and more high schools adopting project-based and even design-based learning (check out High Tech High in San Diego), most high school teachers face heavy requirements for curriculum standards and assessments. Adapting an open-ended process like design thinking to the curriculum requirements that most teachers face is not easy and would require a shift in thinking and a lot of extra work. The risk is that Preflight could create a whole lot more work for the teacher while offering the same potential payoff of any other teaching approach: helping students succeed. How do we get the teachers to buy into this?

Here are a couple thoughts on fleshing out the value proposition for the teacher:
-Highlight the value that design thinking can have for other aspects of a teacher's job. For example, design thinking can help teachers rethink various problems from how to collaborate with other teachers to how to deal with poor student attendance.
-Emphasize the shifted role of the teacher through a job title or even a new position within in the school. Maybe "Community Connector", "Design Team Facilitator", or "Director of Business Partnerships."
-Offer workshops and professional development training around design thinking that give teachers tangible new credentials.
-This is a different sort of concept, but another way to think about this is by creating a third-party service that connects businesses to schools. Check out the Field Trip Factory - they offer packaged educational field trips that are already designed to fit into existing curricula. They work to build a network that helps interested businesses and schools find each other. This makes it a lot simpler for the teachers.