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Eroteme commented on Bringing consumption closer to production

Hi Zach,
           Thanks for stopping by & your detailed feedback. The idea is basically to prepare set foods in accordance with seasonality. E.g. the farm might prepare pasta sauce using ingredients in season. This sauce is put up on sale & people can order it. Units of this sauce are delivered & those who ordered the dishes but didn't collect it essentially agree to have their orders delivered to food banks.
           "Your product of providing the farm space will get people in the conservative mindset but how will you get someone to pay for the food if they are only buying it to enjoy the atmosphere and not enjoy the food they cook?" I am providing farm space to others to come & cook. I am setting up a kitchen with local labour near the farms which will prepare your meals & deliver it to you, wherever you are. So you do not need to visit the farm (though you are free to). Hence, the rest of your concerns would not apply to this idea (no need to setup parking space, transportation to the farm, etc.)
                So, no, the idea is not to get people to farms. It is to bring the kitchen to the farm. Food is prepared near the farm with full respect to "pretty" & "non-pretty" produce & supplied to those away from a farm. The kitchen near the farm ensures that all veggies are used in time, produce waste is recycled as manure for the farms & waste, in general, is reduced. Since food is prepared near the farms (vs supplying "pretty" raw materials to the city & losing control over waste management) there is greater control over mindfully reducing waste significantly.


Eroteme commented on Bringing consumption closer to production

Hi Gavin,
           Thanks a tonne for stopping by. What I was hoping to learn from the farmers is about the feasibility of this idea. How open are they to setting up large scale kitchens near their farmland? Would this deprive them of arable land? How keen are they in diversifying their skills & employing others in running the kitchen & logistics? Similar questions...


Eroteme commented on Gamify food consumption to reduce waste

Hi Brittany,
             Thanks for stopping by. Points 5, 6, 7 essentially talk about the game part of this idea. How to make it more fun? I thought earning points & getting to utilise them was fun but perhaps not! :-D Do you have some ideas of making this more fun? Would love to hear.