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Mahmoud commented on ResiliencEngage: Human to Human, in the Field.

Hello, I am an OpenIDEO mentor. I just wanted to let you know that I really like the idea to support the HAWs and their mental health. However, I was just wondering if you also want to train the HAWs on how to work with displaced people. Many people who come from the West often subconsciously or consciously come as "white saviors" trying to project their perspectives, ideas, and values on people of a totally different culture. I think it is important to train HAWs prior to their arrival and make sure to start with the correct mindset and understanding as well as power dynamic towards the displaced persons. I also believe that HAWs should be educated about cultural differences and make sure they don't judge people upon their distressed acting and looks.
I really appreciate your unique thinking and believe that your program will be able to make a difference.


Mahmoud commented on Mobile Digital Learning Lab

Hello, I am a mentor at OpeIDEO,
I really liked your idea. I think it is very important to involve the refugees of Samos and make them develop their skills and using their minds while most of them probably feel very stuck in their state of refuge. I also like the idea of a mobile lab.
However, I am just wondering what is it exactly that you are teaching? Will there be different levels of courses such as digital beginner courses up to advanced coding classes? Because if there aren't any classes that go beyond basic digital knowledge how can you then guarantee that people will find jobs. Another question would be how you are dealing with language differences? Will the courses be in English or Greek and do you provide greek courses to elevate peoples chances for finding local jobs?
How do you choose the refugees who are participating in the courses?
I am very excited about your project and wish you all the best in developing it.

Hello, I am an OpenIDEO mentor. This is such a nice idea that can actually make a difference and would help refugees all over the globe. Especially in countries that don't provide forms of IDs sometimes for many years. Will these IDs actually help you to get medical or legal support? If that is the case it is a very amazing idea! Please keep it up!