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An online, "one-stop-shop" that streamlines pre & post birth information and emotional support for mothers AND their support network.

An online, "one-stop-shop" that streamlines pre & post birth information and emotional support for mothers AND their support network.

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Elisa commented on The New Life Hub

Kate Rushton , thank you so much for your questions and feedback. We have a small design team of 3 women (all mothers or expectant mothers) with a background and passion in technology/software development, HCD, management consulting and social impact. We have been working to design a solution against the challenge statement "How can we proactively provide first-time, parents with real-time, easy access to needed support before and after childbirth so they can better transition into parenthood and care for their child?" over the past few months. With extensive user researh and some initial feedback, this submission is one idea we'd like to prototype. We hope that Sutter Health/ UB would help us think through; 1) what information is critical for parents to know 2) how to best vet information sources to use 3) how we might scale/reach parents utilizing existing health systems.
Thanks again for your thoughtful questions! We look forward to starting our wireframe development!


Elisa commented on The New Life Hub

Jennifer Doebler - Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. Indeed, the quality of information that is centralized is also critical and partly why it takes parents so long to research (i.e. vetting of info). One of the details we would like to engage is how we best vet sources (our initial thinking had been government and credible academic research institutions like Harvard, etc.). Thank you for bringing this important point to light!

Hi VR, 
Congrats on a great idea! As an expert reviewer of your concept, I've submitted some feedback through the Open Idea mechanism. I see value in providing these skills to the target users you've outlined. Some of the questions I have largely dealt with whether these skills alone will be enough to propel users to success and whether after the 3-day workshop, users would be equipped to enable a ToT model and be self-led and sustainable moving forward. All in all, it seems there's good traction given your prototype and look forward to seeing this concept take on new heights and scale moving forward! I was really impressed with the supporting materials and the thoughtfulness in your business idea. Best of luck!