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One way to easily share the benefits of the revenue, although by no means the only way, is to fund training programs for nurses and colleagues at assisted living centers, or simply creating care packages of the sort at participating senior centers showing the community's appreciation for these often underappreciated workers and for the seniors, once more bringing the community together. If there are sufficient profits and/or donations, it would also be great to increase the presence of computers/tablets so that the seniors can remain engaged in the digital world.

Hi Cristhian and team, I love your idea, especially how you focus on incorporating the seniors' voice and stories into the book. Could you clarify on what platform/application/tools you have been using to make these books? Do you have a dedicated application, or are have you collected a variety of other applications to help you through this?
In response to looking for further input for your project, I think it would also be great to create an online, networkable community of stories. Since you are already creating these printed books electronically, via a tablet, creating some sort of electronic publication, such as interactive, online e-book would be another great facet to add to Remeniscens. This OpenIDEO challenge focuses not only on how can we bring together the older and younger generations, and how to reconnect the older generations with their own community, but also with tools to navigate today's (increasingly technological) age. With the online Remeniscens, seniors would have a safe, manageable, and interesting community with which to interact with and learn the ways of the Internet and the tablet. My grandparents have slowly warmed up to using computers to browse the Internet, which still blows their minds, but at the same time the Internet's vastness is also overwhelming. Surfing the web is a completely alien activity to them -- they prefer to go to a single news site where they know they will be interested in the content. With an online version of Remeniscens, seniors can have a safe, comfortable browsing environment with which to explore stories shared by other seniors which are probably of great interest to them. These stories can have links to related content elsewhere on the web, which the multigenerational team and find and curate and create a richer story. Another interesting feature to add to Remeniscens is to add a geographical aspect to the stories, placing them somewhere on the world map. For one, I've noticed that a lot of seniors become really excited when they meet others from the same hometown or home country, or when they visited they same place, because there are so many stories to share. With this feature, it won't simply be by chance that these people can connect. In addition, for the younger generations, who are naturally more globally inclined, whether they like to travel or not, can learn more and get a more diverse and true account of a city or a region where someone has shared a story!
I think that adding an online version of Remeniscens would greatly increase its reach to family, friends, and community. It may seem like a big jump from you are right now, but I really appreciate and look forward to the impact that Remeniscens could have in our communities.