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I agree, Gerarda. Even in the places suffering from the highest levels of coronavirus infection, 99+% of the population is (currently, at least) coronavirus-free -- yet everyone is affected by the economic (and psychological) repercussions. I would love to see epidemiologists and economists work together and (figure out and) communicate models regarding how we can sustainably maintain an adequate public health response.


Estela commented on Science Fiction

I like your vision for additional details to flesh out the reality and stereotype. Looking forward to future versions!


Estela commented on Encrypt To Speak Out

Taylor, I really liked the concept behind Sketch #1, but the meaning wasn't clear to me from the illustration. I didn't get that an activist was transmitting information to a journalist and I didn't notice the taped-over mouth until after I read your explanation. The background image is perhaps a missed opportunity to add meaning -- instead of a picture of trees which doesn't help provide context, maybe imagery of a war-torn country and/or protests and of journalists/newspapers/news websites. Hope that helps.

Sketch 2 hold a lot of promise as well. I wonder if you could combine some of the elements from the two sketches... maybe instead of a person loudly speaking have them quietly/covertly talking, overlay the encryption key between the two people (instead of having it look like dialog) and then have the other person be the more overt loudspeaker. Hope that makes sense.

I like the direction this is heading! Good luck with your submissions!