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Ebrahim commented on Its never too late to learn through play...

Hi, Fayrooz

Well done on designing your boardgames in order to educate learners through play.

Key learning concepts can possibly be condensed into summary form and be incorporated as part of the game. Learners will find learning fun and thought-provoking, they are unlikely forget a wrong answer that sets them back in the game.

In testing the learning outcomes of students one could possibly have a pre- and post game questionnaire to assess the knowledge they have gained by playing the game.

Looking forward to the progression of your project.

Another brilliant idea. The main issue would be to secure funding for the establishment of such units - an innovative, funding solution needs to be established. A small-scale farmer on his or her own may not afford the set-up costs, but forming co-operative agreement between many of them can ensure joint ownership and entitlement to usage of these facilities.

Furthermore in order to serve as a cold-storage facility it will require electricity, where your PV solar-panel solution can be integrated into the design. 

One would also have to consider a unique irrigation system, either through a bore-hole or water-point, preferably from an aquifer source, where one could optimize water-usage in our current drought crisis.

One of the main benefit of having your website would be to enhance communication between all the role-players and simultaneously create a self-sustainable on-line platform for the dissemination of pertinent information and training. Stunning idea ! This enhanced communication web platform or hub has the potential to transform the entire micro-agriculture landscape, not just locally, but internationally.

(1) Small-scale farmers in urban areas can form `on-line` co-operatives, allowing them to speak with one voice and address their issues collectively.
(2) They can receive on-line courses , videos and training through this platform.
(3) Information on access to financing can be provided.
(4) Information on new technologies to reduce post-harvest losses can be disseminated.
(5) Farmers can promote their businesses using the platform and it can even serve as an e-commerce site.
(6) Farmers can be given access to information on how to generate other forms of revenue, for example growing exotic crops for export or even supplying livestock farmers with excess produce.
(7) Rapid transport of crops can be facilitated through a dedicated, on-line courier service or farmers can simply advertise their need for a courier to transport goods on the website.
(8) A database list of cold-storage facilities for short-term rental by farmers can also be established, so as to reduce costs through shared expenses.

The web-site can become self-sustainable through advertising revenue or a nominal subscription, if it is e-commerce enabled, it can also generate revenue through a percentage of on-line sales via PayPal, for example. 

Linking all the role-players using a single, integrated on-line platform is one of the best strategies to solve the problems of post-harvest crop spoilage and losses.  (You can even go the full Monty and have a Facebook, Twitter social media component strategy as well.) Your initiative is surely a step in the right direction !