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Wow! Well done Ujunwa. I am impressed with your wise responses. I guess it was the feed back you got during the last survey on the effectiveness of Campus/Community Outreach and IEC materials like Calendar to promote SRH education conducted at Federal University of Technology Owerri that inspired you. It's so sad I couldn't be around for the survey, but with what I am seeing here, you did a great job. I can also notice that you made some changes to the idea. I completely agree with you, especially on robust strategy and multi-faced approach to reinforce the message. I noticed that you also adjusted the idea so that there will be a common room for students and non students(village and community young leaders) to be integrated into the fold, to participate in the coaching and impact in their communities. I agree with you. You have said it all and I am very pleased with your work. Maybe let me add a few words now that I can. I was just discussing the idea with Lady again from UNFPA Nigeria, who also coordinates UNFPA/UNICEF Joint Program and how far we have gone ans she was very pleased and expressed great optimism for the idea which she said will be a significant support and contribution to advance SRH education among young people in the higher institutions and communities too. For those who might be wondering, I am the founder and president of The Integrated Student and Youth Initiative (ISYI) for Health and Sustainable Development. Our idea which I like to call "Youth Takeover" is a youth-centred, youth-driven, youth-borne and youth-friendly approach to promote SRH education among young people through education reach out, information and communication breakthrough centred on SRH services. Our main goal is not just to promote young peoples use of SRH products but significantly to empower young people in a very innovative way to strengthen their resolve to refuse sexual advances when they are not ready and to delay marriage when they are not ready and mature physically and psychologically. We have had SRH educators who come and go and their message made sense only during those moments especially to those that were paying attention, because so many didn't. Once they are gone, smiling to bank having completed their work, the message just vanishes into thin air.The problem persists. Tough problems don't last, but tough solutions do. Since the problem persists, we need a solution that also persists. Our network will not work away like the educators, our end users are part of our community and we are here with them together. Our solution persists. Our SRH calendars in every room, hostel and corners. Our contacts and presence felt 24/7. As simply as that. Ujunwa tried to explain while the conventional method of Apps and workshops are no longer as effective. In Africa, the youths shy to discuss sex with adults. They would be branded immoral or promiscuous. So as long as anything sex is being mentioned between the young people and adults, the young people becomes defensive and uncomfortable. That's a cultural norm. How then do you think the adults can bring the desired change as regards to young peoples sexual and reproductive health? Youths take over method arrests that situation. That's why we make room for collaboration. Through collaboration, we can have our young leaders trained who will impact and influence others. Apps and workshops are important though, but we need to try something new. We have worked to promote SRH among young people but this very strategy is a completely new innovation and we have great confidence that it will work. Perhaps in future,other organisations and countries will adopt it. You never condemn the effectiveness of a new idea until you try it. Let's try and make this work. Thanks. Ujunwa, well done for the second time.