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The Newlywed Game increases access to SRH information, empowering decisions regardless of societal pressure, through an edutainment game.

The Newlywed Game increases access to SRH information, empowering decisions regardless of societal pressure, through an edutainment game.

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Alise commented on The Newlywed Game

Dima Boulad thank you for your feedback and encouragement! MSI has been working in Nepal on SRH & FP since 1994, having many conversations on this subject area leading to the Newlywed Game Concept. Since we began working on the concept we've held two design workshops with youth, one with girls and the other with boys. Some of their insights were that they feel they can't talk about SRH/FP with their superiors or significant others; societal pressures play a large factor in early marriage and childbearing while the participants would prefer waiting until they were older (finished school, started jobs); they don't want their parents to know they're accessing the information, need anonymity; and want to connect with others that are facing similar situations that they are.
The game will have three levels, dating, engagement, marriage, the player must successfully "win" the level before moving on to the next. Some of the topics included in the levels will include: puberty, dating, contraceptives, importance of school, what a love marriage is, communicating expectations, family planning, being a decision maker, communicating SRH to children, etc.
Here is a small exert of drafted material for the game:
"At school many of the boys have been paying attention to you. One boy is particularly handsome and wants more in a relationship. You are pretty sure he’s “the one” because he’s so nice and caring with you. He calls you “His Princess”. Things are heating up, but what should you do? This could get you into trouble!

He kisses you and your body is telling you the time is right to start a relationship. How do you know when you’re ready to take the next step with a boy?

Will you begin a physical relationship right away or have a conversation first?

Press 1 to begin a physical relationship.

Press 3 to have a conversation first. "


Alise commented on The Newlywed Game

Responses to the expert questions:
Business Model:
1) The Newlywed game will utilize interactive voice response (IVR) as well as facebook chat bots. The IVR channel will be hosted on a toll free number, through a collaboration with a local mobile network, and in pre-recorded voice messages in local languages (on the first call the user selects the language). The player selects what they would do in the scenario by using their keypad, no matter how basic the phone is. By utilizing IVR we will be able to transcend literacy, language, data, and technology barriers have the traditionally underserved.
Product/Service and Human Centered Design:
1) We have not considered offline solutions but have designed with anonymity in mind if the user is borrowing a phone. The toll free number the Newlywed Game will be hosted on an existing collaboration between Viamo and Nepal Telecom, a mobile network. The platform hosts a range of topics across several sectors: weather, news, general health, agriculture, etc. So if a youth borrows a parents phone to call the service the parent wouldn't know what information they are accessing on the service. The toll free number also allows for free calls, making it more likely parents will allow the youth to utilize the service.
2) During the refinement stage we hosted two design workshops (one with girls, the other with boys) with 29 youth to get their insights in a mobile technology. The attendees overall expressed optimism in the design. They stressed the need for anonymity as they would get in trouble if their parents found out they were accessing SRH information. We are now considering adding a subject around speaking about SRH with their future children in the "marriage" level of the game in hopes of addressing this issue for future generations. They liked that they could relate with the scenarios and encouraged us to add an option for them to leave personal stories/experiences they've had to connect with others and not feel alone in their situation.