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Edward commented on The Zika virus: Could an effect on GLUT1 be the key?

Scientists are embracing the concept but there has been little action promoting it for the "masses."   The is a natural concern that there is no evidence that it works, but this a rather dubious stall given that the time it takes to gather evidence will be years off.    All this needs to be started, and there are efforts underway to identify an experimental model that can reproduce Zika effects, but for those with a here-and-now risk the example of the French Polynesian experience should provide solace and motivate those "in charge" to advocate this as a reasonable approach.  


Edward commented on Can we make the human body less hospitable to Ebola?

Please pass on the link to any appropriate individual. It is an issue where we have such specialized approaches that virologists might not fully appreciate the possibilities of limiting resources for ebola in the human body. One issue is that L-arginine is essential for the immune system and the maturation of t-cells,, so you don't want to limit all availability. There is a hierarchial use of resources in the human body; the issue here is to find the level at which there is minimal, but sufficient L-arginine for our essential uses, but not excessive amounts that can facilitate the propagation of ebola.


Edward commented on Can we make the human body less hospitable to Ebola?

Cooked rice and raw cassava have the same ratio of arginine/lysine of 3.1
Arginine has many important functions in the body, however the issue might be that it may also play a role in regulating viral propagation. We need some basic research on this issue. The protein in animal products tends to be high in lysine, but this is not a main source in West Africa. This might also help explain why Ebola and even a related virus Marburg, tend to be less virulent in the U.S. and Germany, where diets tend to get more protein from animal sources.