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This idea will go far. Customizing this product could be an option for someone who has specific needs. As a physical therapist, one important aspect would to be ensure that this product is viewed as an "acceptable" device that can be used at any time thru the continum of the aging process and all that may come along with it. The product needs to be able to be dynamic and change with the different stages of aging.

Hi Yi Wen, your concept is freshing and inspiring!! My mind is spinning with ideas to assist with the refinment process. Your main objective of this being a an assistive device to assist keeping the aged mobile is golden. The emotions of character traits like Pride, sensativity, aesthetics, acceptance all play a role in your design really captures much of these things. I would add the growing dementias a low tech component to consider and if not to expensive is a tracking device- gps to be in the frame work if needed for the client or the caregivers. Maintaining indepence yet promoting mobility has to go hand in hand but with saftey being the ulitmate cut off. Others have brought up "coolness"-fabric, attachments for person items ie. glasses, Seat no seat. If I may suggest, I would add a focus on the wheel casters with braking device, and wheel integrity for more rugged terrain- grandsons soccer game if needed as options. The appeal has to revolve around acceptance of additional support is now. Therefore, the need on how to streamline that acceptance into this prototype you have created is so nicely done. I really love it!


dina commented on Caregivers Wellness Toolkit Updated

I also appluad this idea. Bravo! I had attended an aging conference in the Netherlands two years ago and one of the presenters were Canadian and had a similar concept for a fall prevention toolkit. It was to be discharged with the patient if it was accessed they were a continued risk for falls. A thought for the refinement phase be to have a tool which "grades" their severity for toolkit. Or does one size fit all with this concept?