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Thea commented on Compassion Education Corps

Hi Marilyn
Here is a great article about Hewlett Packard's work - an effort to eradicate illiteracy in India’s small towns, where residents often suffer from a cyclical challenge of poor access to education, limited job options and decimating malnutrition.

Last February the company rolled out the first of several buses designed specifically to combat that challenge. The World on Wheels project, a joint project of HP and SRF Foundation, made its maiden journey last February when the company unveiled the first bus containing 48 self-contained digital inclusion learning labs. Each lab is internet-ready and can be adapted for a variety of learning modules, including business training for entrepreneurs, e-learning and other services. The 48 buses hope to reach as many as 6,400 villages and 15 million people in the next 6 years.


Thea commented on Compassion Education Corps

Hi Marilyn,

I would like to share some resources to add to the discussion. This article "The Rise of Global Education" is encouraging as it reports a rise in literacy around the world.

The article mentions that in 2016, the US State Department partnered with online education platform Coursera to allow refugees from around the world to take all its courses for free and obtain certification.

“One in every 10 primary-school-age children remain out of school, and an estimated 103 million youth around the world still cannot read and write. And while technology helps provide students with access to learning tools and resources they didn’t have before, it’s not a silver bullet. The best education happens when you’ve got a good teacher, and when you get personalised instruction. The human connection is still the most important thing.”

I've been following Worldreader which operates in 55 countries, providing them with 42,899 book titles in 43 languages, with over 6 million “readers” since 2010.

Happy to add resources as they surface. I believe there are entire networks focusing on digital edu. It would also be great if children and educators who already have the privilege of an education could create programs to somehow reach out to those in crisis situations.

Perhaps some of our global documentaries at Films for the Planet could inspire cities, students, and educators to bridge build, partner with communities abroad, and become cross culturally aware by learning more about the challenges facing displaced people due to lack of resources, climate, political upheaval, etc. The main objective would be uniting to take informed action.