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thank you

Hi Luz,

PPP will be a new currency of its kind, oriented for stability and growth:

1) Is a currency with a purpose
PPP is a currency for Prosperity, Peace & Planet:
Everytime someone does good actions, it is creating value for the currency.
PPP measures the good being done. if more people makes good actions, its value grows.
Not based on speculation. PPP is based on tangible actions that lead to PPP and transform positively the world.

2) Made for PPP causes.
Everytime one uses PPP is helping ecological causes in the planet.
The planet is a closed ecosystem. Supporting for example coral reefs, helps more than 9,000 marine species to survive, and hundreds of million people around the world depend on sea for daily sustent.

3) Is a currency with support based on real life
Everytime one uses PPP is helping prosperity in the planet.
Having support reserve of tangible arts for example, helping small communities and individuals in their road to prosperity.

4)Made to be be used in the real world, in daily activities.
Everytime one uses PPP is generating value for PPP
PPP designed to be useful anywhwere, anytime, for example when used by any person at any stores of all sizes.
Provides a stable currency for global markets, (seasonal sales, low transaction costs, installments,etc), and for local communities and local projects: Every time one uses PPP is helping their local community projects you choose and reinforces the stability of PPP.

5) PPP equations are Flexible with long term vision.
PPP designed to last while humans exist. PPP adapts to the population level, making it flexible, a open equation, that adapts automatically, to fitting the population, with redundancy for stability.

6)Power of investment.
PPP supports the trust of people to do good actions and trust in the currency. Everytime one maintains their coins, it generates value for that individual who trusted in it. For example, people can keep their money and use it in PPP, having stable savings and retirement savings in PPP PPP helps for the economy and finances of people. People could have a way for stable savings and prosperity. Everytime people saves are generating value for PPP and for them.

7)PPP supports PPP projects and causes.
Local and community causes are supported by PPP. for their projects, transactions or philantrophy. PPP helps you to reach your PPP goals of any size., for example nutrition, education, community services, etc. PPP is a way to achieve it.

8)Peace as a state of mind.
PPP leading to prosperity, culture, knowledge, ecology, a better planet, supporting community causes, PPP gives an opportunity for peace.

There is no other currency like PPP.

Just For comparison:
a)The Bitcoin price is linked to the number of transactions. It is not an ecological currency, now every Bitcoin transaction uses almost 3 days of electricity of an average US home.
b) Other currencies are highly volatile, because they dont have tangible support. -real life and are linked to other virtual currencies.
c)Other currencies are not made to be used for small transactions, they have high costs per transactions vairable during the same day -like Ethereum, and are not suitable for use by small communities or small transactions.
d)Other currencies have small,artificially, preset period of life.
e)other currencies respond to specific business markets like Ripple, and not for the people.
f) 86% of old people dont have any secure or savings for retirement.
g)half of migrants dont have any insurance or way to save.
h)250 million people each year get financial catastrophe when reaching healthcare assistance, and 150 of million them go below poverty lines each year.

None of the other cryptocurrencies can achieve what PPP can do, including stability.

Hello Carolina,

introducing cryptocurrency:

Yes. Cryptocurrency could be introduced in small towns (for example, a touristic place), or small or large city.

Miners are people who likes to mine currencies to earn coins, they are important, because they push the currencies. One option is to make it available to anyone who wants to mine it around the world, and earn coins.
Miners & miners clubs are important.

Corporations with social commitment. Could be important. We have included their feedback of 2 of the largest retailers in our country.

Government: We have no contacted government now.
It would be important to have support from a governent agency. It could be useful, for example, to promote social projects, for example vaccination campaigns.

Here in our country there are presidential elections in a couple of months. The people on the government will change with the elections.

Central Banks of any country, are important key.
Central Banks have realized the importance of virtual currencies.
It could be very positive a PPP cryptocurrency for the people in a country with the support of a central bank.
A PPP currency could be very interesting for Central Banks.

Yes,.. PPP could be more benefical, making sinergy, if we could get relationship or support from government agency