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Corinna commented on InMed

Hi Gamal,
this seems to be a great project! Could I just as you to clarify what is meant by "(1) Connect the patient and the community"? Does this refer to the community they live in, or to the community of medical professionals?
In addition, I was wandering if you have any concept in place for reaching those who are not digitally connected, or are illiterate? Of course the project is great enough without reaching every single person in Indonesia, I am just curious if you have developed any ideas regarding that question.
Kind regards,


Corinna commented on Life-Container: A Socio-environmental solution.

Hi Serene, this sounds like a really great and hugely important project! The only question I have, and I am alomst certain you thought of this too, is if you will have a feedback system that allows the beneficiaries themselves to further develop the project, not just in their own community but across all users of the life-container. So there is not only training for all, but also the chance to be actively involved in the continuous development of the project once it has started.
Kind regards, and the best of luck!