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The second skin could easily be made into a full body "suit" that is worn under a lightweight PPE. It also is perfect for covering open wounds on workers and patients. The virus could be eradicated on the second skin by a simply coating of an antibacterial coating added during the manufacturing process. Combine the additive with the decontamination shower the worker would take at the end of shift, this should fully eradicate the virus to prevent the worker from being exposed when removing gear at end of shift.

To decrease transmission thru inadvertent touching - I am confused as to why the workers are using the mouth masks combined with eye goggles rather than a complete face shield similar to what dentists and surgeons wear while operating. They look similar to a clear plastic shield worn by welders while working and there is no inadvertent touching when you are wearing one. Also, you can easily see on the clear plastic if you are being exposed to droplets of bodily fluids of any type, then deal accordingly with the exposure. The face shields will also help keep the workers from getting so hot because they allow air to circulate. It also prevents the choking claustrophobic feeling.

It would be very easy to train workers to adopt this product because it would similar to putting on thermal underwear or footed pyjama-type sleepwear depending upon the finished style. It would be lightweight enough to apply by yourself with a "spotter" who simply double checks your application.

I have a few things I am working on right now and will update soon. I will also check back for any other questions asked.

I believe there is a way that we can combine your product with my idea of a second skin "suit" which would give us the layers needed to keep that workers cool and still protect them from the virus.

What if we could utilize your product with my second skin "suit" modified as an outer layer on your product to eliminate the need for the bulky PPE currently used?

We need to stop thinking of PPE as needing to be heavy, bulky materials in order to work. There was a reason why motes around castles were so effective in attacks and we can put that same principal to work in lightweight PPE (??)


Donna commented on Pathogen(Ebola) barrier suit based on NASA space suit

This is similar to the old "hands on" used by mothers when their premature babies were in bassinets. The rubbers sleeves were attached to the inside of the bassinets and they stayed with that baby the entire time - only the hands coming into the sleeves from the outside changed.

This type of chamber or setup could be used in a triage unit very easily as part of the intake process, with the lighter PPEs and setups inside the individual patient rooms? Or perhaps vice versa?