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Vasia commented on Play For Everyone

Hi Stefan,

Play and in general participating in a group with other people who you may not know but you probably share common goals and/or interests can be a great way to interact with a variety of different people and characters. Through play you can learn a lot from an educational perspective, in a more creative and playful way compared to the "sterilized" methods used in many schools and unfortunately definitely in my country. But most important you learn to collaborate, interact effectively, learn to loose and accepting it, sharing, accepting other people and their differences, trying and trying again until you make it and many many other things that can help a kid become a good human being.

What if education was based only in that, making its mission to create people, citizens that are first of all good humans, to themselves and with each other? What is the most important to learn as well as the hardest one? Knowledge or being a good human? Just wondering... We have to take into consideration that refugees are many time victims of racism. How can we erase the discrimination and bring all people together? Moreover bullying is taking great extent lately in schools and universities. Participating in groups could be a good answer to these problems. What will be the goals for using play and group activities? Will it be complementary to other methods or will be the primary one? These are some questions I can think of...

To conclude, I think that play used for educational reasons is a powerful concept that could either be combined with other ideas or stand alone.

I would like to keep discussing this with you and other participants.



Vasia commented on Child-Led Learning/Unschooling/Self-Design Learning

Hi Latha,

Interesting thoughts. I think that the contribution of the parents as well as participating in the various community groups that exist in cities can be proved rather beneficial. On the other hand, if the contribution of parents is crucial they need either to be educated so as to be able to help their kids and/or appreciate the value of education while living under difficult conditions, don't you think?

I have found a video from TED talks where a kid describes how he chose to be self educated and how this changed/improved his life. You can watch the video here

I also think that Internet is a powerful tool for learning when used appropriately. There is so much info in there (i.e. Internet) provided in a variety of forms. I myself have learned so much the last couple of years regarding my profession just reading info provided in the Internet. I am also "following" my favorite companies and try to discover and analyze how they do what they do from the info provided in their sites and social media.