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Chris commented on I have Crohn's disease and I'm going to be a mom

Hi Natalie,

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS on both your upcoming motherhood and on getting married ( my wife and I recently got married this past July as well).

In relation to your post, my mother was also diagnosed with Crohn's at the age of 18 and gave birth to me approaching her 21st bday. Apparently I was a pesky and very slow delivery, which kind of highlights a few of my traits today :) I've spoken to my Mom on several occasions about what it is like to have Crohn's and give birth and the biggest thing on her mind (as I'm sure is with most Mom's) "will my child be OK? and will my child be born with Crohn's as well"?

Fortunately with today's technology, these questions can be answered quite simply (although the ethics behind this is still up for discussion). Genome sequencing and the ability to download your entire DNA structure in the matter of minutes gives us unprecedented insight into these daunting questions stated above. As an technology and innovation enthusiast, I would be interested to know if the community of pregnant mothers with diseases would feel more comfortable knowing the answers, or if the access to such predisposition knowledge is crossing the line of "available information".

Wishing you all the happiness and health for you and your family.