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Dan D commented on One Room School Online

I definitely think there needs to be interactive learning.
I think being online - even off and on, for 8 hours isn't reasonable.
Especially with multiple children.

Breaking it down more:
In Elementry School, you have the same teacher all day.
In High School, you have 6-9 different teachers.

It may be easier for an Elementary School teacher to coordinate with their one class.
When you get into High Scool Schedules - then you'll really have to decide - who meets when? What teacher requests what slot?

AND - if you have multiple high school students in the same family, that may be the puzzle of coordinating TWO sets of 6-7 different classes. That's a potential of 12-14 different classes - in one household.

So, I'd think having downloadable/steaming (pre-recorded) lessons will halp the log-jam, of everyone being online at once.

Once the classes assign the homework, it will most likely have to meet less.

I'd think the older students could be more self-sufficient.
The younger children may benefit more from the LIVE online interaction.

These are just a couple things to think about - for schools, logistically.


Dan D commented on One Room School Online

I think the longer the stay-at-home order happens, the more resources you'll need.
Currently - if there's no vaccine, children will be as exposed in a few months.

So, you need to give kids as much resources as you can.
I think Books/Ditto Sheets/Paper sheets are all the most easy tech-free things to use.

Teachers can film their own lessons. (Or yes - have one teacher do a certain thing for the entire district.)

There's no reason this can't be shared with the entire district, and all the other students.

Meeting other students could happen - but how many would you put on a Zoom Call (or Google Hangouts)? So, if they have videos pre-recorded, this will be easier to rewatch - in case 20 kids are all chiming in at once.

And with one kid, it could be easy... but with multiple children, you'll need to rotate the learning times.
So, once they get the lesson - then go to paper.

All good thoughts by you.


Dan D commented on One Room School Online

More from above:

Who gets what lesson? When do they get it? Should schools give out more laptops ot iPads - so everyone can learn at the same time?

And - WiFi.

If anyone has been doing a video chat lately, while someone else is streaming a tv show, you see that the video chat freezes up. Three children AND a working parent - all streaming at the same time? How effective can it be? Will everyone's video freeze up?

Teachers use the same tests and lesson plans. They can start to think about recording their lessons. They can then:

Reuse those plans AND have students download them at off-peak hours, so they're not streaming live. The students' school day can then be interrupted.

If the students all have to share the laptop (One Room Schoolhouse), then they can all download plans - and study at different hours without missing a thing.