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Dan commented on Tell you story and have it heard

It could be....

If they're at their home, go over and talk there.  Just put a phone recorder on a table.
or set up a camera.

pretty easy.

In a group setting - sure - it can work that way.  Just record everyone. 

If if you wanted to do it more professional - maybe have more recorders there.  Or make sure people aren't talking over each other.

it works well like that too - because maybe people don't want to talk as much about themselves, but they'll talk about the history of something: a war, a sports team, the neighborhood.

But then knowing that it's being recorded so that someone may hear it later, may bring a peaceful feeling to someone.


Dan commented on Water and Sanitation Challenge

- Drill for underground water.

- have ads on tv, radio, print to not pollute in water: no garbage, no going to the rest room in the water.

- put in a filtration system 
- use infrared light/uv light to purify water
- salinization plant 
-drag the water -- remove all dead animal carcasses, garbage, debris, etc.


Dan commented on College - bypass it. Change the system. "Uber" it.

I've worked in the corporate world too.
There would be people I worked with who got paid in the same level... And they either were still getting their degree, or started college, but dropped out.
So having the degree wasn't necessary.

It just wasn't really necessary at all.

Some had degrees, but were in the field we currently were working in.

So simply put, if you can get your foot in the door, you don't need college at all.