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Dongin commented on The Locker Room (Updated 8/17/2015 - wire frames)

Hi Joe,

This looks great with all the great comments! When I was reading all this, I was reminded of myself five years ago. I was still living in South Korea, followed a singer's yoga video. She was popular for years with her videos as well as many articles about new lifestyle. I didn't followed her video just because she was famous but her approach to excercise and lifestyle was managerable. Her videos and articles always had alternative ways in adapting the new lifestyle in both exercise and food consumption. What if this app can also provide different alternatives for food and exercises? Along with Maddie, I am also thinking about alternatives in economic conditions. Some exercises require certain tools (what are alternatives from daily environment?) and special dietary (what are alternative food suggestions in different budgets?).

I would imagine working on prototype with persona from a hispanic community would benefit in working out the details. :D

Hi Sven,
This is a great idea. I always wished to have one. I have used myfitnesspal, which allows you to create your own recipe that calculates it all. So when I cook I can manually type in ingredients to calculate the calories and nutrients.

I think this app's strength is in food consumption outside your home. Especially food you buy at restaurants. Unlike processed food in grocery markets, it's hard to calculate calories and nutrients of the food. Perhaps, when it scans the food there are cooking methods as an option to choose. Since depending on cooking methods nutrition and calorie changes. Often it's obvious in person yet it might be harder to scan. Hope it helps in expanding the idea! :)