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Dominique commented on PUR3 Water Fortification Program

Charles, I love your idea. Water has been real problematic issue through years. I just have two suggestions to make that could improve your project. First, think about how you will test your idea; american and african parents have completed different realities. Then, think about how this kit will be distributed in the communities. Have you considered to start a campaign in rich countries to raise money?
I hope I have helped :)


Dominique commented on Slum Radio – Educating Parents [Updated 6th Jan 2015]

Well done, Andrew. The radio is the best way to spread important information where a great number of people don't know how to read and I noticed that there are lots of similar ideas here. What about getting in touch with other teams and mixing your ideas?
These are other two really good ideas with the same concept of yours:


Dominique commented on Family Connection -- Eat & Play

Hello, Brian. It is a great idea spreading this kind of information to parents, but think about the reality of the countries which are participating on this; most of their population don't have mobile phones or even computers. Have you considered to do workshops additionally to SMS messages and videos? This could expand your project and aggregate more people. I hope I have helped :)