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I couldn't be more excited about this project. It speaks to a lifelong passion I've had about reading. Reading aloud triggers a domino effect leading to benefits as far-reaching as the imagination can travel. Reading is contagious! Pick any problem - local or global - and you'll find that reading and education are at the heart of its solution. Reading increases intelligence, creativity, empathy, physical and mental health - and it all starts with reading aloud. Here's an article I came across this morning (while reading!) that says it well:

Paul and I are working hard on bringing 'Home Death Care Resources' into reality so that the message there is to spread about the Home Death Care and Home Funeral movement can go forward efficiently and effectively. There are many people and businesses who have shown their support to our efforts already. For that we thank you and it is our goal to continue the activities that have been begun so that all of those who could benefit from the re-imagination of their end-of-life-experience in a more Home Death Care-focused manner can do so. Our motto is pretty clear: "It’s all about communication, education and empowerment." Thanks again for the excellent dialogue, feedback and support. - Diane

Yes, having my Husband's parents die at home was a powerful and worthwhile life experience for us to go through. Sharing our story within this OpenIDEO forum has been very helpful and enlightening, as well. It is amazing to learn about how many people still do not know about home deaths. And, also about how many people that there are actively working to bring this old school way of handling the loss of a friend or a loved one back into cultural awareness and practice. Thank you to all. - Diane