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David commented on Use TV Commercial Time

Burt, cool idea! I wonder how this could be implemented especially with the majority of individuals now DVRing the majority of their television shows. I feel like commercials, although still very relevant, are becoming a thing of the past with people taking advantage of DVR's, Netflix, Amazon TV, and other services that eliminate commercials. However, if you could turn the revenue producing commercials into something cool / fun or motiviating for people to excercise it certainly is a great idea. I struggle with how we could reverse the trend from revenue generating commercials to healthy driven exercises. Perhaps it is something that could phase in so it only shows up for 2 of the say 5 commercial breaks? Really cool concept, trying to brainstorm how it could be implemented!


David commented on Functional Food


Cool idea! Perhaps this could be incorporated with the "Meals with mending" idea or the "Dining Clubs" idea. This is a very simple way to supply food that can serve multiple purposes. I wonder if we could expand the idea to include numbers as well for mathematics. This way you can take the learning to the next level. Or what about other types of shapes that could aid in learning as well! I love the idea of it being so simple, because it could probably be incorporated with a company that is already supplying food / supplies to refugees around the world. If somehow they could adjust their packaging or manufacturing of the food, you could add additional value above the core goal of supplying food staples to the refugees.

Great feedback and ideas!

I think all that was mentioned above makes sense, but one question I have is scale. Is this something you think could be replicated in other cities / towns across the country? I know this will be particularly helpful for the local Indiana area, but if this is successful would their be plans to expand? I know that different areas of the country would most likely have different interests or require different marketing techniques to get the millenials to attend. I think it is certainly a great idea and speaks to the idea that banks / credit unions need to change their approach to the millenial generation.