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Hi Bremley, thank you for following up. My apologies for the delay, we have been dealing with several emergency cases this week at work. We've taken away a lot from our exchanges with our mentor, user(s), and expert! Please see below for our replies to your questions.

Can you please list 3 bullet points - just one line each - short and sweet of what feedback you got from your mentor on your idea?
1. Our mentor felt very positive about the FaithAction ID program and network, and expressed that it could be a great benefit to thousands of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers in his current home of the Basque region of Spain.
2. He stressed just how important the education and dialogue part of the FaithAction ID drives are, in addition to the value of the card itself, and encouraged us to invest even more into this part of the process.
3. He especially noted how important the relationship between immigrants/asylees/refugees and local law enforcement is now, and how important established trust will be into the future.

Can you please list 3 bullet points - just one line each - short and sweet of what feedback you got from your user on your idea?
1. We held two FaithAction ID drives over the last few weeks, and were encouraged to find that 100% of surveyed ID participants continue to find the ID very useful, and feel safer and more a part of the local community.
2. We experimented with a new expedited line for those renewing their ID card, and 100% of those surveyed said they greatly appreciated a shorter, more efficient process.
3. We held a special ID drive, specifically for the immigrant trans community, and provided for the first time a preferred name category for these participants - 100% surveyed said they anticipate better relations with law enforcement, health centers, schools, and business as a result of now having their preferred (or true identity) name added to their FaithAction ID card.

Can you please list 3 bullet points - just one line each - short and sweet of what feedback you got from your expert on your idea?
1. Our expert encouraged us to do more analyzation of the challenges and successes of the FaithAction ID program and network in the US, prior to expanding the program internationally.
2. He encouraged us to consider new technology, as well as local community empowerment models to meet the demand and bring more efficiency to FaithAction ID drives.
3. He cautioned us to be protective of the program, ensuring local communities with limited resources have the funding and capacity to successfully sustain a new program.

Hi Nate, thank you very much for your very thoughtful and thorough feedback. My apologies for the delay in getting back....we have been responding to numerous detention and deportation cases at work. You've provided new perspective and insight that has helped us think more deeply through the Improve phase of this process. I especially appreciate your thinking protectively of the program (deeper analyzation of US trends before expanding internationally, not moving forward in certain communities without adequate, sustainable funding). Given the steady, successful expansion of the FaithAction ID program and network over the last 6 years, we feel confident that a national funding partner could take this initiative to the next level in many of the ways you've recommended. Thank you again for your time and expertise, and hope we can connect again into the future.

Hi Bremley, thank you very much for reaching out. Yes, I've made contact with my mentor, and we are planning to talk on Friday. I also look forward to posting my 3 questions by the end of day Friday, 9/20 as well. To be clear, I should post these questions in the comments section of my proposal, correct? Additionally, should I post them one at a time, or all 3 together? Thank you very much - this is a very exciting process!