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The idea is to quantify 'soft skills' or competences that allow students to measure, for self develop and for credentialing purposes.

The idea is to quantify 'soft skills' or competences that allow students to measure, for self develop and for credentialing purposes.

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Hello Kellie Marks good job in carrying your idea to this stage. Thank you for mentioning me. Yes, I think your are working on an interesting track. I am in agreement with your path or comments. 

More specifically on the needs for students to be self-directed; learning applicable skills (reducing the gap between learning and doing in real-life); using technology MOOC as a support (but cannot replace human contact); complementing with in-person coaching or/and mentoring (engaged and help the student to reflect and learn from their own experience/journey); create a blended learning environment that allow students (peers) to connect, motivates and learn from each other (ie. your learning centers, not only for the Tech but also a gathering place for students); integrating SMExperts, life coach, local business communities (NGO/NPO/FP) to provide local anchorage; flexibility for students to go thru the program at their own pace (faster or slower) while being influenced (push or pull) by their peers (team dynamics); a light permanent faculty members for core subjects or activities but have access to a large pools of SMExperts, mentors and coach whom are each specialised in their own domain and ready to share their expertise with the students (ie. TEDs talk like and to lead hand-on workshop); ...

These are all good ideas - the challenge is to put them together and make it work as whole. Hence, like any good idea, it is only as good as it's execution. ;-) But, I think you are on a good track - and a tips to keep you on 'right' track is to put the interest of the students in the center. Build it for them and constantly validate your assumptions or ideas by applying the leanstartup approach.

Happy end of the year celebration. Take care and success.


Denny commented on An App for softskills

Yes, I forgot. Thanks for the reminder. Just published it.

Hi Joel - thank you for sharing the different examples. I also visited your blog, like the complicated (ie. send a rocket to moon) versus complex (ie. raising a child) comparison. Interesting.

I think it is fair to say that the education system has grown to become a complicated system setup to solve a complex problem. Our challenge is to (re)make the system - so it is simple again - a simple solution to a complex problem. 

Secondly, I would 'moderate' the ranking result of system based on measuring science and math result of students (ie. although the PISA test is measuring thematics include : Mathematics, Reading, Science, Problem solving and Financial literacy (ie.

In my opinion the first 3 (Mathematics, Reading, Science) are crucial skills or tools but without the problem solving, collaborative, communication and self awareness skills - the first three skills might not be sufficient to solve real-world problem.

This is where I believe the tertiary education need to 'educate' our students beside going into each specialisation (ie. engineering, pure science, etc).