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Improving the efficiency and efficacy of frontline workers for complete immunization in peri-urban & rural areas of India.

Improving the efficiency and efficacy of frontline workers for complete immunization in peri-urban & rural areas of India.

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Hello Ashley Tillman 

It is a pleasure to e-connect with you.
I am not connected with the Indian government, but I have interacted with them in numerous times over 4 years while working on Program JAYA. Since disseminating vaccines fall under the purview of the government, it was a major stakeholder for Program JAYA and we wanted to ensure that JAYA brings additional exponential value to the supervisors from the government apart from what the existing system does manually. We studied the on-going projects by the government and the features that they provide so as to avoid duplicity and ensure seamless integration into their legacy system.

I hope I answer your query satisfactorily. Please feel free to revert for further clarifications.

Best Regards,

Hi Isaac Jumba 

Greetings. Thank you for your generous appreciation. It is positively overwhelming to see ideas like iTrack and Chanjoplus getting the attention that is due as this only means that we are headed towards an era where we use technology in a more meaningful way.

iTrack and Program JAYA touch upon the immunization space is a similar way with respect to the basic technology (back-end). Where we might differ is on the CX (Consumer Experience) part, which is the 'Neuroscience' of Design (front-end and content strategy).
Chanjoplus and Program JAYA are quite different in the application of technology part (back-end) but the insights that might have led to the development of both the platforms might be similar. With the digital upheaval in India, we can now take the giant leap of using 4G data connectivity, smartphones and GIS technology to power mobile-based platforms even for rural and peri-urban areas.
It will be great to explore how we can exchange our insights and co-create platforms for India and Uganda and other African countries together.

Scaling across India:
Program JAYA will be deployed phase-wise across various states of India through the government's network of ASHA workers (frontline workers). I foresee two challenges:
1. Vast difference in the typeface of 15 different languages, 3 different scripts in India. This has a significant impact on the User Interface of the platform. We are relentlessly working towards addressing this challenge.
2. Centrifuging insights from hyperlocal, local, national and international perspectives with respect to primary healthcare and continuously disseminating actionable insights for supervisors (which will aid in micro-planning).

Revenue and Sustainability:
Access to basic immunization is free in India and we do not feel righteous to monetise a basic need. Hence we are working on generating a self-sustainable model that draws revenue from the subscription from supervisors at various levels in the pyramid from a medical officer at a primary health centre to a district health officer to state and national heads. Program JAYA enables them to micro-plan and ensures the most optimised use of resources. This shall save on otherwise losses and generate data and evidence-based insights on the forthcoming health plans and national health policies.

Program JAYA envisions to impact 12.9 million lives, directly and indirectly, it impacts everyone who was shielded against someone who would otherwise be a carrier of a preventable disease with potential to spread it to many others.

I hope I have addressed your queries and look forward to reading more from you.
Please feel free to revert for more clarifications.

Best Regards,


Devina commented on Program JAYA

Hello Isaac Jumba ,
Thank you for your appreciation. Feel humbled.

It would be great to explore opportunities to collaborate and test the product. Having said that, I would prefer to first conduct a small User research project in the newly proposed region to identify the unmet needs which can be addressed by Program JAYA and translate the same into unique features of the solution which is customised for that particular region to increase the program's efficacy.
Temba Vicent We may connect and discuss this further.

Best Wishes,