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Ziya Deniz commented on What We Vote With (Bar Codes)

Hi Dan,

Great concept :)

I think in the future phases, we might integrate some aspects. Could you please check my concept and share your comments?

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for the reference. I agree that, any kind of compensation for voting will degrade the idea that voting is a civic duty. However, I think what I am suggesting is not much different from giving a candy to someone who votes.

I think I have to explain it with a hypothetical scenario about how it might work... but of course implementation will be much more complex.. Take it as just an oversimplification:

It is like opening a credit account for each candidate.You have connected gift cards (if one is used others get deactivated), and the one that you use for your shopping will withdraw $x from one of the credit accounts. You will know which one is which before using it (like a sticker with the candidate's name on it). But to use that you would have to remove the sticker or something like that.

At the end of the day, what you have to do is check which account used how much credit. The infrastructure may be the current electronic transaction systems used in stores (visa-mastercard etc..)

I know that this is somehow disruptive and is not easy as it seems.
But, looking from an abstract point of view, major points are:

- Reuse of the safe and widespread electronic transaction systems used by banks which are conveniently available in almost every store. (Makes it easier for people to access and makes results almost instant)
- Embedding the seriousness of execution of a civic duty into a daily routine of life, making it look more pretty
- Stimulation of economy

I think this is what I can say...