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Delia commented on Wilty Recipes

Hi Leah, 
I like this idea.  Have you seen the topic on leftovers on Food52?  That site probably has more of a specialized audience than BuzzFeed Food, but it could be a good source for ideas to prototype into a video recipe.
I've never been much of a user of video recipes but I can definitely see how they could be a good venue for waste-conscious ideas, in that the Tasty-style videos with the overhead view can be very beautiful and might be able to highlight the unlikely beauty of slightly old food.  (time lapse of wilting?  a clip showing hands/knife cutting away the bruised parts of an apple? etc)  I also think this could also be a good way of shifting social norms around ugly-but-fresh produce - for example, a video recipe on making a veggie hash from twisted carrots.  This idea reminds me of the contributions Start from scraps and A restaurant empowering its patrons to elevate their leftovers 


Delia commented on Insights from Food Waste in Foodie Heaven

Wow, thanks Manny Fassihi for this really in-depth research!  I appreciate your exploration of the guilt and awareness problem - clearly it isn't enough to feel bad about wasting food, especially when options for avoiding waste feel uncomfortable or intrusive (packing leftovers, having to negotiate a smaller number of dishes ordered, etc).  What would it be like to ask for a smaller portion of rice/noodles - how do you think that would that be perceived?

Hi Hannah Geise , this is great!  One question that came up after reading this - can food businesses acquire food through the platform, or is that limited to nonprofits?  Say if a restaurant doesn't mind using cosmetically imperfect produce, can it get discounted goods through the platform?  How did you decide how to structure the marketplace?
I wish you all the best in growing the platform!