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Deepti commented on Teens become CEOs.... of community projects

Micro-funding, or local community based investors, I think a great way to amplify this effort even for future projects would be build a model of transparency with the way funding takes place. Also what would be interesting is a way to allocate a part of funding to various aspects of the project. For example: x amount of $ have been spent of training, x amount of $ have been spent on purchasing sustainable materials. Having this ownership of money being spent will attract future investors and 'CEOs' as they can learn how to spent their money and be responsible at the same time.

Overall, great idea and can't wait to see how this materializes Andrew. Good luck!


Deepti commented on OpenIDEO Design Challenge Card

Apart from the feasibility, I think this concept has the advantage of piggy backing along with another concept. However if I looked at it just by itself, I was thinking to increase the footprint of the project in hand, maybe if there was a partner like the postal service, one could possible tear out an attachment from the foldable cards and post it like a postcard to anyone including to Open IDEO to submit or simply to initiate people to think about it and add to it. This way the postcard will achieve a footprint across boundaries and also becomes a great artifact to just send to people for great conversation and discussions.


Deepti commented on OpenIDEO Collaboratories

Great concept David. I was also thinking of how this could also lead people and ambassadors from this network to be able to setup small chapters for the organization in their own cities and town. The toolkit/ guideline idea that Meena suggested could then be handed over to these people starting chapters. These chapters will attract the locals to join the cause of the bigger movement which is the Collaboratories. Look up how the slowfood uSA has adopted a similar strategy. Also I am thinking this can enable the design and implementation of an app that shows the high activity area of the organization. It can also flag the projects on a map and show where it is going on and where a project might start. The map could also show various stages of a project. This could probably attract funding agents and other partners that might be interested in something going on in their town/city/village.