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Deborah commented on Hope and Peace for Displaced People of Myanmar

Thank you, Uchenna, for taking time to remind us to be prepared for the possibility of meeting the various needs of the physically disabled. As we move forward I will remember your words and share them. It is always good to know someone cares about you even if they are unknown to you and are far away. You have been a blessing!
Grace and peace, Deborah


Deborah commented on Hope and Peace for Displaced People of Myanmar

Dear Uchenna Okafor, You are right to be concerned for the disabled. I am glad to say that there is at least one place that I know of in Kachin State, that I visited, where the blind and those with disabled legs are cared for. Many have been blinded or injured as adults by explosive devices meant to keep them from their home land. They are helped to recover and to learn how to make their way, some have prosthetic legs. Also, I met a young woman who cannot speak who was given a sewing machine and taught to sew so she could earn a living. Thank you for your comment for I will be more careful to make sure wherever possible that we do not overlook the needs of the disabled. I will remember your words and your contribution. Grace and peace,
Deborah Cochran


Deborah commented on ABCD For World Peace

Dear Sadam Matsawili,
I did read your suggested link. While we do not work directly with the Muslim people of Myanmar we are aware of some of their suffering and in fact pray for their relief even as we pray for the people of Myanmar. We would be happy for peace in all areas of the country. You have a big purpose. I applaud your intentions. My husband and I have a favorite saying we found on a calendar - Attempt something so great that without God, in your case Allah, it is doomed to failure. You are attempting something great and I trust you will have great help. Grace and peace, Deborah Cochran