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Suraj Shrestha This has a tool and interesting input to consider:

Congratulations on your compelling vision and approach! Regarding your question on cost-accounting, of alternative firing materials, I would suggest capturing and comparing all of the direct costs to the brickmaker, such as cost of material, transportation costs or time to access material, labor costs (less time at kiln?), etc. The indirect costs/benefits may be harder to measure quantitatively (and may not accrue to the brickmaker) but can be shown qualitatively with some context (i.e. less sick days due to better indoor air quality?). On another note, it would be such a win to have an "advanced commitment" to build using bricks from this approach in a highly visible location to showcase and market the solution, like does the University need a building or whichever government entity is in charge of the forest protection. All the best!

Congratulations on your compelling vision and approach! I love that you've included a question about creating a fun and effective workplace environment as it shows your understanding of how important workplace culture is for many reasons (including achieving your strategy). I would say that it is key to have established trust to be able to have those conversations with differing opinions in a constructive and transparent way. It is also critical to not only establish your common purpose (overall goal/mission) but the values and guiding principles underlying the work such that all employees share a common "language" for the culture. All the best!