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Damien commented on The State of Talent Development for the Social Sector

Dear Marie,
that is a very important point you are raising here.
I am wondering if increasing school/industry partnerships could help people find there way to the job market.
I know in some countries this concept is taboo but why not? Students could have very early on internships during school time that would count in their curriculum.
That could be useful for companies that could notice directly the future talents and also give a more pragmatic role to the education system.
I would not go as far as Aaryaman for a school that teach skills rather than knowledge but I am sure both together could be more appropriate to prepare youngs to their professional life.

Meena, thanks a lot for this explanation. I am unfortunately a bit remote from any friend or family here but I just contacted some teachers and they are happy to interrogate their students about the motivation aspect of such relationships.
I have read this "design with people" before but it still did not go through completely. That's the problem of working alone in a lab. Thanks again.


Damien commented on trademe: a market place for reverse mentoring

this is a very good idea Nick. Do you think companies like facebook would accept to collaborate and give to the young people participating in this mentoring more visibility? I explain myself. Money would probably not work as previously explained by several people and I am not completely sure that simple empathy could be motivating enough. However young people, as far as I know, love being visible on social networks. Could there be that the more they mentor the more space they get, or bigger pictures, having special "hero badges", etc.
It would look good for the company "sponsoring" the mentors without any cost for them and youngsters might be dragged into it to be seen.
Though I might be completely out of topic...