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The online sharing of knowledge using scientific methodology wiil start an exponential growth of support,colaboration and action toward a repaired planet.Masdar city,Chinese floating cities etc. All constructed under consultation with Jacque.His 100th has just passed as I'm sure you'll know.I'm just a humble herbalist but i (+populus of earth) have a duty to make sure the work continues TVP 4FR

Verty sad to not find mention of The Venus Project,I'm going to Cape town at the end of the month for 2 weeks and would love to visit your place ; it looks lovely and all I ask of you is to refer to the lifetime's work of Jacques Fresco.TVP is a global movement to reset the planet to natural and use nothing but elemental energy etc. I used to say 'Oh just google it' but after all this time and lack of interest due to media censorship I fimd I must now be specific about  RBE (resource based ecnomy) TVP IS the only viable solution to man's self  infkicted problems at this time.Please reply if you are interested in this.I am a bit of a botanist and will buy seeds to bring back to Scotland if I can..? I'm excited to be going to africa for the first time in my life and to tymble onto your site is ny destiny...I think.Thr rest is up to you and the choices of lifestyle you are making are eacellent in my eyes and I look forward to seeing you all given positive feedbACK,OF COURSE.i DONT GO ANYWHERE UNINVITED THANX FOR YOUR TIME LOVE, davy. V.L8 I 2 SLEEP+WRITE AGAIN TOMO.