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Tony, thanks for the questions.

Quality -- The machine will determine the "total" quality of the product.  The machine can be programed to use the process and rating system for the local quality for coffee export.  It will then know the quality from the individual farmer so that data can be provided as feedback to the farmer and community to research why the yield or quality for one farm is higher and/or better than another.

Security -- One of the main goals of bext360 is to provide the machine to an individual that will own the machine.  So the entrepreneur (in most cases a female person in the local community) will be responsible for the machine and will essentially become a small business owner.  Our technology (with allows for the machine to make payments not only to the farmer ("Seller" of the goods) but to the owner of the machine ("Collector").  The technology also allows the machine to repay the bank on the loan based on usage (or time), automatically as the machine is operating.  Lastly, the machine will make payments to the Coop ("Cooperative") for a school or other program that the community agrees on.

One final thought is that our technology is designed to be added to other assets in the supply chain as well and enable banks to lend to the local communities, increasing the amount and value of all of the goods.  For example our technology can be added to other segments in the vertical supply chain for coffee after collection (washing, roasting) or before collection (farm equipment, irrigation systems, and some of the other great ideas that have been submitted into OPENIDEO).  Our technology can help bring capital resources to the general supply chain.  

Hope this helps.