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A technology that can provide insights on how to deter perpetrators or/and caught them in flagrante delicto.

A technology that can provide insights on how to deter perpetrators or/and caught them in flagrante delicto.

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Daniel commented on News to increase awareness

Spaces like this platform are the perfect complement to build strong foundations to the ill-structured context news we encounter on a daily basis.
The contributors here are extremely aware of that need. Sometimes, however, the truth hides behind overwhelming amounts of data (447 posts and counting). Hopefully, the method used to move into the Ideas face will extract the best and allow us to take the most fruitful paths (or themes). Based on the trend I have seen, the transmission of information related to this problematic will certainly be included in those.


Daniel commented on Miss Representation

Equality has to be forged before birth. The way human has evolved and structured the way we pass along knowledge generation after generation, is begin slowly and organically changing but has a lot of misleading stereotypes still. I will like to see an increasing number of families that defy those stereotypes in the pursue of equality at all levels, gender in particular. The way parents educate their children is the first step. Pledges like this documentary should be used as tools to spread the word and spark the discussion that help us reshape our society.


Daniel commented on 'Ghost 'markers for violence to inspire safety

In Colombia, the government launched a similar initiative recording the drivers and pedestrians killed on the streets, called Black Stars -Estrellas Negras-. The difference was that they started putting the name of the victim and the date of the incident and later, because of the relatives of the deceased person issues, they switched to just put the count number of how many starts have been painted.

We do not have the flowers Meena mentions in the cities but those are very common on roads of rural areas.

I like this idea because every time I spot one, it makes me think of how I am contributing to the solution.

I think this addresses in a superior way the geolocation of the incidents, as the augmented reality has better results for constrained processes, such as traffic monitoring or address searching.

This is one of the campaign ads:
Translation: Stop. Listening to the stars has never been this important. Listen to what the stars tell you.
(on the floor: In 2004, 1025 motorbike riders died on traffic accidents).