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Hello, I didn't see the uploads of the activities I apologize for that. How does the mechanism work? 

Thank you. 

Hello, the idea of using technology to monitor and mitigate the amount of water that is wasted is intriguing to me. I believe that with the use of this technology that water could be saved and more people could have access to it. My main concern that I have with the proposal is the question of how much will this cost? In theory this is a great idea that can save water for all of the people of india but is it something that can be considered cost effective. Would that app be free? What would need to be done to install of this into a town? What would the cost be of this? How would you go about using the funds that are provided from this project?

I look forward to reading these answers and being able to further understand your idea. Thank you.

Hello, I like this idea and think that it's something that can be scaled very well, and somewhat simply. I only have a few questions regarding your proposal. Are the costs that you provide the total landed cost of the goods, or are they just the cost to manufacture? Are these goods being sold at this cost that you mentioned or is that a markup on them? I was wondering also where the manufacturing process takes place. (In India or elsewhere) The last thing I'm curious about is how you keep the costs so low, is it done by effectively managing your supply chain? is it done through government subsidies, or some other method.

Thank you so much for your time, and good luck in the future.