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A coviewing platform for 2-3 year olds (and their adults) offering curated, high quality teachable moments.

A coviewing platform for 2-3 year olds (and their adults) offering curated, high quality teachable moments.

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Richard commented on An Exploration of Boxes and Packaging

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Yasith Abeynayaka  !

One possibility of this would be to have a modular (puzzle) piece system, where people can change and interchange as a storage system of sorts. Hey... Grind Furniture and Household items! I'll add that thought in. Perhaps, small additions to established household items - cup holders... those mats you put warm plates on... etc.

Maybe that is another whole thing - designing the system from before you even begin, so you know the product can have multiple lives.

Collections - themed, coloured, seasonal etc. Yes...

But yes, the issue remains that at some point the product goes back to a slice of materials and what do we do with it again and ideally again and again.

Perhaps one option would be to offer a flat pack mailing system back to the recycler for it to be handled there.

I shall think more on it.


Richard commented on KREF!

Hi Iliriana!

Thanks for your note.

In terms of the idea, it is meant to be done as US based thing - tapping into networks / media organisations etc. there. It is a fairly adaptable idea and the US having a large population reach actually has a lot of advantages.

Much of the research that backs all of this is already out there, so it's largely just a matter of properly pulling the most relevant parts of it together.

The approach I am trying to take with the underpinnings of this idea is a strong combination of very well proven research with a splash of strong gut instinct for something new or varied (again based on other readings, insights and similar). By adding constraints I can get focus, which can also allow a little bit of freedom at the more open end. As an example, the American Academy of Paediatrics suggests very little to no digital media use in children under 18-24 months and then 2 and above, only in a limited and quality manner – hence this idea having a focus of 2-3 years but also a desire for a high quality end result that perhaps can take some new approaches.

I imagine it might also be useful to make contact with potential stakeholders and invite them to be a part of a "critical friends" group to play out this idea. Perhaps there are variants, eg. to make it more sustainable, it could become an public / incubator platform supported by (and for media makers to feed into) Sesame, PBS, etc etc.

Warm regards,