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Hi Mitul, this is a really great idea. I'd just like to build on your idea here.

I think all the mini professions are exciting for children to deepen their education with. With regards to slightly older kids, like pre-teens, I think it would be valuable for them to continue improving on their literacy skills. I propose that there could be a group of junior journalists, who can run a "school paper" independently and under guidance of a teacher. I believe that being advocates for their own cause is a start to resolving the education gap from within the community during times of emergency.

This "school paper" could go online and be published to other community sites. The children will learn to tell their story, backed with valid arguments and critical thinking skills, and hopefully visually too if there is equipment. Children can interview other children or adults, or tell their own story. The information they gather on the ground can propel them to identify problems that are context-specific, and then propose their own solutions. It is really just a matter of bringing design thinking to their community from the ground up.

This tackles just the literacy portion of the education gap in emergency situations. However, language and communication are after all, pillars of education and can be improved alongside the other mini professions. Volunteer teachers will still have to be present to provide direction. I am still unsure of how to tackle the family needs as Gina mentioned. My first thought is that if the families can understand the long term benefit of resolving the emergency through communication, while leveraging the creativity of children, they can band together to make it materialize.

Happy to talk more.