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Milena commented on Original Unverpackt

Hi JP, wow the design is really beautiful. I can imagine it looks great in the bathroom and is really handy. We encourage our customers to bring their own old reused packaging or reuse other container like glass jars.


Milena commented on Original Unverpackt

Hi Kate Rushton ,
thanks so much for all these questions. So I tackle them one after another:

"How do you get local suppliers on board? Are any concerned about product branding and the identification of the products in store as being sourced/supplied by themselves?"
Local suppliers, especially the small ones are very happy to be able to sell, so they dont worry so much about branding. These are also our favourite partners because they can adjust their supply chain to our philosophy much easier. Since germany is very strict on labeling it is very clear who made a product and where, so it is very clear to customers how things are sourced.

"What is the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your franchises?" It is a very good question, since a lot of shops are popping up. We have two main USPs.
1)People prefer to shop at our place because of the products we have chosen and the whole experience itself. A few months ago another zero waste shop opened up in another district in Berlin and customers tried it out and decided to stick with us. That was quite an affirmation for us.
2)People know the brand and trust it. We have a very good way of communication, online and offline, and support the local ecological community, are active and try to educate. Students, pupils, big firms, anybody who is willing to come for a tour at the shop- and there have been a lot. From the local school to the marketing teams of the big not so ecological brands. We really work hard to spread the word.

Thanks for the links, I ll check them out!


Milena commented on Original Unverpackt

Hi Brian Bauer 
thanks for comment and the questions.
Algramo sounds really interesting.
"Has this been challenging getting suppliers to supply you with products in plastic free packaging? What do you ship your dry bulk good in-something like jute?"
Yes, it has been, this is why haven't convinced all of them. Some of them have big bulk packaging anyway for gastronomy. The bulk is like 25kg big and often made of recycledpaper and very seldonly has a thin plastic lining.

"Just curious to know if your customers share this view on glass, or do your customers have other preferences for packing material? " New customers prefer glass, the ones who shop more regularly use little cotton bags they buy or make themselves since they are lighter to carry.
Hope this helps, keep up your work!