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Hey Janet! Awesome you think about two countries so far away. All the project sound amazing and if fact it is similar to mine project. Even our beneficiaries are in very similar circumstances ( Haiti). I have a question, Do you measure the impact? If so how you do it I´d like to learn I have seen the online courses on Acumen, however, I researching for real examples.

Hi Scott.
The name of your social enterprise caught my attention then I read it and it is so beautiful. I see also you are coming to Colombia, I´m in Medellín working with young/adult peace leaders who I am sure they will like the LOVE model, we need it in Colombia. Also, it can be worthwhile if you could share with us how you have developed the model as our peace leaders are developing their own models and our financial advisor need to see an example as yours. We should keep in touch


Durley commented on LaPeaceHub

Hola Haseeb, thanks for asking
I have, most of our artists make amazing shows and performances, but you make me think now about the products inspiring by them, that is a great idea! :)
You are right about the story behind, it helps in marketing campaigns we get amazing results just taking the positive facts and the impact but never mention the bad side, I say that because I work in marketing, a few years ago we made a promotional video for an enterprise working for/with street children in Africa, similar as you do and it worked very well.
I did see your proposal I am wishing you all the best