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This is awesome (and very, very impressive). In addition to management scientists, I'm sure an urban planner or two could learn quite a bit from this human-centered supply chain!


Connie commented on Sharing love for your neighbourhood

This is incredibly moving and I wish I'd seen more stories like this as the riots started to spread out from Tottenham. As one news outlet after another posted stories describing the madness and speculating on all of the causes, I distinctively recall the media (at least here in the U.S., anyway) portraying the social and political climate across the pond as one being one of general hysteria and finger-pointing.

I'm curious: what was the U.K. media like during the riots? If it was hysterical / inflammatory, do you think it had any impact on the violence? I.e., if there had been more stories highlighting this kind of community-bonding in the early/mid stages of the riots, might it have had any sort of impact on the violence to come?

Thank you so much for the links, Michelle! You know, it's funny -- I've actually heard/read a lot about both SCVNGR and The Wilderness Downtown, but for some reason or other never got around to checking out either -- and am so thankful I did. (Especially the latter! What an inspired use of Google Maps to open up the floodgates of memory...)