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cyndi commented on The MatchMaker

Finding "real world" project for students to get involved with sounds grand.

Seems that if the company or proposer of the project could be involved with some of the discussion and be able to provide "real" feedback to the students, and clarify direction as a reality check during the "development" time, it would/could be a win-win situation. the Teacher/ professor and the company would hopefully be doing “progress checks” to make sure all is progressing toward the real goals, with the teacher being the mentor, facilitator, collaborator for all.

I could see that without this check-in, the students and company could be going in different directions. And if so, negates the purpose and goals of the project for both sides, resulting in disappointment (and wasted time and effort) for both – i.e. a failed project.

Results: the students via the teacher would have developed some well thought out hypotheses. The company would end up with some research and ideas for them to ponder which potentially could be put to a real implementation test. The students would have been a part of a valid project issue/ problem to solve, providing a true sense of value and accomplishment, worthy of their time and efforts.

I think this is a great idea - 1) collect excess unused food, 2) creative chefs turn the finds into new dishes, 3) distribute to the needy... seems this would be fairly easy to implement in any/ all/many locations. All is self contained and mostly depends on how creative the chefs can be with the goods that are brought in. Could see "transporters" collecting food from markets, restaurants, stores, and bringing all to a central location. 1 to many Feedtrucks could choose items they would use for their creations- think of it as the next "Iron Chef" challenge - and all for the needy... I could see this becoming the next reality TV series!!