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Cristin commented on Mutually Beneficial Costing

Thanks for your thoughts Gregory! 1) It would be necessary to protect the employer. Perhaps some sort of delayed incentive for the student or perhaps a collateral the student set in place they would get in return upon their successful completion of the employer-college program. This gets sticky because the root problem is providing low cost education, but I agree with the necessity. Perhaps maintenance of a certain GPA and semester check ins regarding performance and interest. This way, if say a student loses interest their 3rd year, the student has an opportunity to change their path, but the company has the right to no longer fund tuition. If you have a particular idea in mind it would be very helpful! 2) I think the employer would benefit from utilizing students either in person or remotely to work between 10-20 hours on a project for the corporation. This would allow students to experience that company's culture and operations first hand while providing value to the corporation. I have worked with multiple companies throughout my university education by means of group projects and it has been one of the biggest value adds to my education. 


Cristin commented on Academic credit bank

I absolutely love this idea. I think just as much or more learning exists outside of the classroom. Such a structure would encourage students to embrace outside learning and expand the value of the degree, while saving money.


Cristin commented on How Nanodegrees can democratize tech education

I think in reality, big universities would consider a hybrid program. A huge benefit of brick and mortar is the in person interaction, and many students will continue to value this. This program seems especially useful though, and I am interested in the idea of condensed, relevant courses available to everyone through the internet.