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Cristobal commented on AirBricks - Construction materials.

Hi Martin Vigo Alfaro 
Yes indeed. Your idea could complement the scope of the general concept. In my general concept, I thought about social houses, in order to achieve a bigger impact, but using the boards and bricks in Nike stores could add a marketing punch, too.


Cristobal commented on Artificial Reefs and coral

Hi Angel Landeros 
with the problems related to micro plastics in water (from bottled one to the open sea), would you expect some rejection of using "similar" materials as the base for underwater structures? In other words, which binder could you use that could prevent the release of rubber particles into the ocean (without other side effects, of course) that could also endure the mechanical, chemical and bioogical stress of their environment?


Cristobal commented on AirBricks - Construction materials.

Hi. I added more details. But at the end, it's difficult to estimate the final correct path of this venture.
The first phase would be a mix of technical experimentation with field market research. The first becuase we must understand the process of how to manufacture these products (have some estimates of the costs), and, over all, which properties could provide and advantage over mainstream products (...because you can find a disruptive innovation point moment here). In parallel, we have to make market experiments (using the frame of the experiment board of Javelin, for example), in order to validate the hypothesis of target markets and their inherent business model. Of course, some of the markets to explore would be the ones that uses the competing materials today (furniture, social housing, etc). One point that is paramount to the success of this process is the recolection of the raw material. Since individuals would have to give us the discarded Nike products, they have to receive something in exchange (a discount for new sneakers? point and/or badges of a gamification systems that rewards those who donate?).

These are some of the key aspect at the beginning of the journey of this idea...what wil come next is just sci fi (not predictable)...