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Cory commented on Ghanasan's Design Deliverable

Recycling waste into energy is fantastic and much needed solution to the problem of needing to get rid of waste and needing to create energy. In Rwanda, the problem the village faced where I lived was the waste removal trucks visited irregularly (the hills were a problem). They were working on a way where they could locally turn the waste into energy without having to rely on the waste removal trucks. As long as the business model is sustainable, I think this is a great franchise model idea :) Looking forward to a case study further into the project!


Cory commented on The DNA of a JOB

This is great! Often people may feel forced to figure out what "transferable skills" they have rather than directly relateable skills to the job in question. American schools often focus on a broad, liberal arts education style that can make it challenging to figure out a career. I believe European schools make an effort to narrow the educational focus at an earlier age so kids start to get the hard skills needed for their chosen career. Both system has pros and cons, but it's nice to know before you start going after something to know what you need to get there.


Cory commented on HIRED or FIRED

I like this modern take on the "game of life" with the added learning element. Moving from the school world to the working (aka real) work is often tough and requires different interpersonal skills that this game can definitely help make the transition easier when the time comes. In today's virtual world, it would be great to move it online as well as keeping the offline board game.