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Consuelo commented on Gamification

Hi Caio,

I would like to provide a further support to your idea...
Have you ever read anything about the ELM (Elaboration of the likelihood Model)?
This is a learning theory that identifies two different route for persuasion:

- Peripheral Route: for example activates when you are having fun learning (as in a game)
- Central Route: for example actives when the receiver is highly motivated to learn and has the capability to learn

The gamification is activating the Peripheral route.
Now you just have to understand if this kind of learning is appropriate for your target audience.

Have a look at this:


Hi Aure,

Please have a look. I have found the article that explains what happened in Vietnam with P&G...
I hope this would help. Still, it would require the support of a big corporate Company.

Still, this is what the future of successful business might be.



Consuelo commented on Gamification


I guess it will depend about what is the objective of the game.
We could have GPS for movement goals or to refer to the technology that the heath watches are using.

For static actions I am thinking of photos.

Do you think it could work on different challenges?
i.e. recycle, fitness...