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Claudia commented on ¡Oye Profe! Laboratorio Colaborativo de Educación

Hola David Enders ! Gracias a ti por el gran feedback! I came up with this idea, because for me it´s important to acknowledge the great effort teachers are doing during this context of crisis. Some of them are also learning about online resources to give better classes for their students. So, who better than teachers to understand the needs and struggles other teachers are facing right now. That is why I choosed the collaborative strategie to be one of the pillars of the project, it can be powerful way for a community to grow.

For the first question, yes! I think that there are 3 ideas that could work to incentivized the bonds and network of teachers. Let me explain:

a) The first one is to promote more interaction between teachers through videocalls. There can be 3
types od videocalls:

a.1) In the first type, the teachers are the speakers of workshops or webinars,
they could share their experience and knowledge about certain topics or
resources and have a discussion between the participants. That way
they could learn from each other in a more horizontal way.

a.2) In the second type of videocalls, the speakers are specialist from a different
area. For example: a phycologist can help the teachers on how to manage
the stress or their student´s parents; a designer can facilitate a workshop
about design thinking for tecahers.

a.3) In the third one, videocall is a safe space for teachers to just talk about
whatever they want and topics that some of them have in common. For
example, teachers that are also parents and want to share how they are
balancing family and work, or an space just for young teachers that are
giving classes for the first time.

b) I´ve seen some "COVID19 design challenges" and "hackatons" to improve education during this context but they are mostly for students or people from different academic backgrounds but I haven´t seen one for teachers or at least one that involves them. And they are a central part of the education system. That is why the second idea is to incetivized on teachers the creation of projects. So that, teachers can interact more, find partners with different abbilities and create solutions for the struggles they face while teaching from home and why not for the education system itself.

c) The third idea is to make alliances with schools, teachers organizations and even government education institutions. It would help a lot to count with their support to provide financial support for teachers projects, or to contact specialists that could be invited for the videocalls.

For the second question, yes again! It would amazing to make it global, there are so many similarites but also differences with other countries´ education systems that all the teachers could benefit from global collaboration. They could learn from each other, and build innovative projects that has no barriers. It would be a good idea to start with small pilots in other countries to see how they work and how to connect them. The IDEO challenge has shown me that there are a lot of people who wants to help improve education for students, teachers, parents, and communities. That is why I am sure this project could succed in other countries too.

I had some of these ideas in mind, but I had not thought them through or organized them well. And your questions have helped me do it. Thanks for that!