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Clara commented on Moravia blooms for the life

Matt and Shane. Totally!, and inspired by your comments, I do believe that the management of the day to day habits, could enrich the life quality of a community. Everything is related to the way some people organizes themselves. As slums are a not planned developed growth, what if at least people could access to an easy way to take care of the way the accumulates their waste, which involves and stop message (education), and the conscience of the air quality, the aesthetics of their short roads, and off course, the resilience to the effects of climate change.

In a fast google image search of the word "slum" (please do the exercise), is very brutal to see not only the high dense look, but the surrounding full of contamination. So I was thinking, one of the actions for resilience should be how to clean up all the mess, or how to prevent it.

For the first issue (clean up the mess), what if people could feel motivated to care at least one square meter, to reduce the contamination, and to build a one square metre of a garden. It seems like a giant effort, but a giant effort could only be addressed by the one action of individuals that could impact being many.

And for the second issue (prevention) what if a workshop could be created (with the directions of architects, engineers, designers), with the aim of create a balance of the improvisation thinking and the resource thinking of people in slums, being informed by the kind of safer and strongest, and also local materials that could be used to build or reinforce their nests. This is not an architectural nor engineering intervention, is just to give a "tool kit" so people living in slums, easily adopt ideas to be implemented. At the end, they could have a lot more resourceful thinking than people in living in an urban planned environment.